Saturday, May 18, 2019


  Here are 17 great tips on how to ace interviews with recruiter
11)       Be #confident
22)      Be #Honest, Be yourself
33)      Talk fluently, for that practice on a mirror first.
44)      Don’t lie on your cv and if you do be clever enough to hide it.
55)      Do a thorough research on the job profile and the company you wish to give interview for.
66)      Do a firm handshake after entering the interview room and going out of the room also even if you failed the interview.
77)     Give a warm smile to the interviewer".
88)      Use good sophisticated words but not so much as to find meanings of them becomes difficult for yourself only.
99)      A 30-40 seconds answer to a question can help satiate the interviewer that you know the subject talked about.
110)   Never fumble or show weakness in knowing the company or the profile you are going to work for.
111)   If you have gaps in your CV fill them with useful vacations, accidents, health issues. But don’t overdue else the hr might think you are liable to work excuses.
112)   Go through a common set of interview questions asked for your profile. Google is the best bet.
113)   Practical knowledge matters. Do make sure you have relevant practical experience for the job and do remember the nuances and experiences you had during your previous job. Do practice if you have forgotten certain things so as not to go blank while the interviewer puts you through rigorous questioning of your last experience.
114)   #Dress to impress. This works more for profile which demand a more pleasing outward personality and outlook.
115)   Make a good eye contact with the interviewer.
116)   Do not at all lean while being interviewed. It might show causality in your behavior.
117)   Go through all interview tests carefully.
   You can also follow some detailed tips on how to ace interviews from this site

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  1. This is a veyr informative post. I cannot believe the handwork you put. Exemplary I like it!


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