Monday, 9 July, 2012


1 The right posture:Cross your legs carefully when you sit if you are sporting a short dress. Maintain your poise and don’t be careless by sitting with your legs wide apart, or you could end up exposing your underwear in public!
2 When you bend: If you want to bend down, make sure that you always bend through your knees, so that you can avoid any kind of embarrassing accidents.
3 Confidence matters: Be confident when you sit in a mini-skirt. Don’t tug at your skirt constantly, or try to pull it down — this would reveal your possible discomfort and lack of confidence in your sartorial choice. Also, make sure that you have moistured your legs well, so that they look their best, and you can walk with confidence.
4 Pair your dress with shorts:If your skirt is wide and fairy, make sure you wear a pair of boy shorts underneath, so as to increase your level of comfort.
5 Length of the skirt:Skirts can appear shorter than they actually are for tall girls, so it is advised that you wear longer skirts for occasions where you have to sit for long in public. Also, If you feel uncomfortable or too shy while wearing a short skirt, then you shouldn’t be wearing it in the first place.

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