Monday, 2 July, 2012

BUYING LED TELEVISION ONLINE- in four easy steps....

1. Size of the LED: Do have a rough estimate on how much you’d want to spend, before making your purchase. The size of the LED (width, depth, and height) is important and should be relevant to your room size wall or table top space.
2. Brand wise: This is important in case of any post sales issue like warranty, installation etc. Smart internet retailers here, deal with brands/products with manufacturer’s warranty only. In case you’re buying an international brand, ensure that it is not coming through grey channels, and that the packaging and shipment is done properly for these fragile products.
3. Specifications: Look for specification variations among the models. Important features are screen resolution, sound output and quality, AV input/output etc.
4. Compare the prices: Internet is a destination for best price. Compare the prices of the different models to ensure the best possible deal.
5. Check transit insurance: Before placing your order, do check the transit insurance offered by the company. This’ll help you claim for a new product if, if some mishap happens.


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